SM25: The Future of NABERS Energy

Over the last 20 years, NABERS has achieved world leading results – including a 40% drop in energy use for buildings that have participated in the program over 10 years.

The Future of NABERS Energy project is looking at how NABERS will adapt to achieve the same results over the next 20. Emerging sector-wide trends that are being considered include:

  • Rise of net-zero carbon building design: Net zero carbon buildings are highly energy efficient and fully powered from renewable energy. NABERS has a critical role to play in transitioning buildings onto a net zero carbon trajectory. The project is looking at how NABERS can recognise and reward buildings using zero emissions energy sources.
  • A decarbonising grid: The share of renewable energy in the electricity grid has grown significantly since NABERS was launched in 1998. This is expected to increase across Australia, with jurisdictions such as South Australia and the ACT expected to reach over 70% and 100% by as early as 2020. This project will be considering what amendments NABERS should make across all its energy rating tools, over what timeframe, to ensure rating results remain relevant over the next decade and beyond.

In this presentation NABERS will speak about the findings of the project to date, proposed solutions, impacts to ratings, future plans and how participants can input into the project.

BOOK NOW – Cost FREE (you must book) – Wednesday 20th May 2020 @ 12:00 pm

Presenter: Corine Mulet, Technical Projects Manager, National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)

Corine is the Technical Improvements Manager at NABERS. One of her current focus areas is adapting NABERS Energy rating tools to the changes in the grid and the way property groups procure renewable energy.

She has previously worked on the NABERS Waste and Shopping Centre tools and has been an energy efficiency advisor for industrial building. She has a degree in Material’s engineering and has 10 years of experience in sustainability.




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