SM36: 3D Simulation Tools for Engineering and Designing Better Spaces

In the last 5 years, computer hardware technology has made some significant leaps, the benefits of which are being seen in the building industry. Simulating the airflow within the Sydney Opera House or understanding the flow patterns within a clean room used to take anywhere between a few hours to overnight runs, to a few days. However, with today’s computing power harnessed from an off-the-shelf desktop or decent laptop, designers are beginning to answer these same questions in a matter of minutes.

This presentation is aimed at consultants and manufacturers wanting to understand how a product is interacting with the surrounding environment and what benefit there is in changing the product orientation, size or number of units, to help create more comfortable spaces.

The presentation describes the process and draws industry case studies from the Australian market;

  • Thermal Comfort in NSW classrooms using CFD
  • Building Design and Cooling Tower interaction
  • Temperature control on a medical facility
  • Pollutant, CO, fire tracking using CFD

CFD is a technology. We want to outline how CFD is no longer the ugly beast that required an army of PhDs to run it. For the building services industry, it is a designer tool.

BOOK NOW – Cost $25.00 – Thursday 21st May 2020 @ 9:00 am

Presenter: Joel Thakker, Engineering Solutions Manager, LEAP Australia

For over 16 years Joel Thakker has been actively involved in using numerical modelling and simulation to solve real world problems. A career that initially started off in the US space program for satellites and next-gen space vehicles, progressed to setting up and running a multi-million dollar Fluids department in the UK, to helping industry clients understand and implement the benefits of numerical modelling, specifically flow visualization via Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Today, as part of the team at LEAP Australia, Joel is actively engaged with providing solutions for the HVAC, Tunnel Ventilation and Building Physics industries.




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