SM41: Best Practice in Precision Cooling Applications

When selecting the most appropriate all-sensible cooling precision environment conditioner solution for your next IT Equipment space, you must have a clear understanding of the vendors’ compliance with national minimum energy performance standards and other mandated safety standards. These not only safeguard the facility operator personnel, but also deliver significant & quantifiable reduction in year on year electricity bills.

Today’s ASHRAE guidance on running the IT Equipment environment at higher temperatures, (this was not the case 20+ years ago) is instrumental in promoting innovative free-cooling strategies at the “outdoor unit”. This is simply & automatically accomplished by taking advantage of our continents’ prevalence of mild to cold weather during a significant proportion of hours of the year.

The next step is to brainstorm with your IT Equipment cooling systems architect, how best to recirculate air across the IT Equipment. The process should start by giving due consideration to the sensible heat load per rack on Day “1”, then on Day “2” and Day “final”. Because, there’s nothing worse than experiencing a premature compressor failure due to compressor short-cycling, due to low load.

The final step is to consider precision coolers that are placed adjacent or close coupled to the IT Equipment rack, as compared to perimeter Coolers, and whether the architecture of the room is conducive to one or the other.

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Presenter: Miguel Lopez, National Technical Specialist – Cooling, Schneider Electric

Miguel Lopez is National Technical Specialist – Cooling Secure Power Division APC at Schneider Electric. Miguel is a mission critical cooling application subject matter expert who has collaborated with all major Amercian/European/Asian manufacturers currently supplying the Australian market. Miguel commenced working in this field back in 1995 in an Application/Technical Support role and has fine-tuned his application knowledge along the way.





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