SM45: The efficiency of air movement systems – Improve your ROI by focusing on upgrading your HVAC&R systems

European markets such as the Nordic region and Germany have pioneered the use of higher efficiency air movement systems and driven down the usage of electricity in housing and building stock, however, HVAC continues to use the most energy in commercial buildings. This is the area where energy reductions benefit the bottom line the most. This presentation will outline the new technologies and improvements that have been made on the European stage and share tips and lessons learnt so that Australasian designers can improve their systems without re-inventing the wheel.

The presentation will give examples of building upgrades and discuss the process for a typical high-rise in Melbourne. It will also explore the options for fan upgrades in commercial buildings as stand alone or in combination with upgrades of other HVAC systems such as chillers, cooling towers, VAV systems and controls.

BOOK NOW – Cost $25.00 – Thursday 21st May 2020 @ 1:30 pm

Susanne Lohmann, Business Development Manager, ebm-papst AB Sweden

Susanne Lohmann is an experienced engineer currently leading ebm-papst AB Sweden’s business development activities across Scandinavia. Susanne joined ebm-papst in 2007 and has held increasing roles from Project Engineer for Scandinavia to Global Key Account Manager.

Her 13-year industry experience spans Germany, USA and Scandinavia. Suanne holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Reinhold Würth University, Germany.




Thomas Heine, Sales and Market Manager for EC Upgrades, ebm-papst A&NZ

Thomas Heine represents ebm-papst A&NZ as the Sales and Market Manager for EC Upgrades, the retrofit arm of the global company. His 14 years of fan industry experience spans Germany, China, South Korea and Australia. Heine has a keen interest in upgrading existing building equipment with energy- and cost-saving technologies to benefit end-users, building owners, facility managers and the environment.






Note: The seminar program may be subject to change. If you have registered for this seminar any topic, presenter, timetable or price changes will be communicated as soon as possible prior to the event.