We recognise that your stand plays a big role in attracting visitors so we are here to help you choose the right options and make the most of your exhibiting experience with us.

The following options are available:

SPACE ONLY – choose your position and purchase floor space only so you can design and build your own custom stand.  If you need help finding a contractor to do this we can assist.

SHELL SCHEME – choose your position and purchase a stand option from the list below in various sizes.  We build the stand ready for you to arrive on set up day and add your final touches.  You can also print directly on to the stand walls to add to your display. Prices and information is available upon request.


You purchase floor space only, which is available in multiples of 9 m2 (3m x 3m) and comes fully carpeted if required.  A minimum size of 9m2 applies.

A blank canvas where you can arrange to have your own stand design custom built by your nominated stand builder.  Your stand builder will also arrange electrics, signage etc. (or we can provide full assistance if needed).


The 2.4m high pre-built Aspen exhibition booth is a complete modular system with a flush white wall finish. Each wall panel is a complete set consisting of an aluminium frame skinned with 3mm white PVC. As a complete frame system, there are no extrusions resulting in a near-flush wall finish.

All open aisle frontages will have a printed fascia sign with stand number and company name inserted in an aluminium frame. The clear height under the fascia is 2100mm.

Lighting and Power – 2 x LED spotlights are supplied per 9sqm, mounted behind the fascia. 1 x single 4amp power point per 9sqm

Must be purchased in multiples of 9 m2 (min of 9 m2). Carpet included.

Furniture or extras not included.


The stand package consists of the 2.4m high NERO wall system, an aluminium frame with white insert panels combined with black powder coated aluminium extrusion at 2970mm high.

All open aisle frontages will have a printed fascia sign with stand number and company name attached to the flush finished overhead fascia. A maximum of 30 characters is encouraged to ensure wording is of high quality when printing.

Lighting and Power – 1 x 28watt arm light and 1 x power point per 9m2.

Optional extras include digital printing for walls.  Carpet included. Furniture/extras not included.


A budget stand option which is a half version of the standard shell without the front signage.  The size is 4.5m2 (3m x 1.5m) and includes carpet, 2.4m high white melamine panels in an aluminium frame work. 1 spotlight and 1 power point. Furniture not included. (limited poster stands available and only in allocated areas)