SS08: The Secret Legal Life of Australian Standards in the HVACR Industry – Do I need to comply with is AS/NZS 5149?

The AS/NZS 5149 series of Australian Standards were published in 2016. They were the long-awaited successors to the AS/NZS 1677 series that originated almost 20 years earlier in 1998. But while the AS/NZS 5149 series have attracted much attention and publicity, many in the HVACR sector have struggled to understand the actual legal implications of the new standards for their business and operations.

This presentation will provide a practical overview of the legal status of AS/NZS 5149 and will answer the following questions:

  • Are Australian Standards mandatory when first published by Standards Australia
  • Does the publication of a new standard such as AS/NZS 5149 mean that a previous standard such as AS/NZS 1677 is automatically no longer applicable?
  • What is the current legal status of AS/NZS 5149? Is it an optional industry best practice document, or does it have the actual force of law?
  • With a specific focus on Victoria, NSW and Queensland – is the status of AS/NZS 5149 different across states?


Engineers, technicians and contractors involved in legal compliance; OEM’s and equipment suppliers.


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Presenter: Raphael Brown, Partner, Clearscope Legal

Raphael Brown is the founder of Clearscope Legal, a commercial law firm with an industry focus in the HVACR sector. With a keen interest in legal issues facing the HVACR sector, Raphael regularly provides technical advice to his HVACR clients, and advises on commercial contracts, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and dispute resolution.

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