August 29, 2023 BY ARBS

The ARBS 2024 Industry Awards are more than a recognition platform; they’re an opportunity to showcase excellence within the HVAC&R and building services sectors. If you’re considering nominating yourself, a colleague, or a standout organisation, institution or project, here’s what you need to know:


Young Achiever Award: Honouring young talents aged between 20-40 who demonstrate promise of future leadership, drive, commitment, and enterprise. Open to various fields, including engineering, service, installation, sales, marketing, and design.


Project Excellence Award: Recognising projects that have showcased innovation and environmental sustainability. Including energy efficiency, indoor air quality, noise control, water conservation, carbon emissions, and commercial viability. Open to new systems, retrofit projects, and extensions.


Product Excellence Award: Celebrating innovative technology applications and practical solutions. Covering two distinct categories: HVAC and refrigeration, this award honours fully operational products, component parts, or mechanical aids introduced or reinvented within the last five years in the Australian market.


Software/Digital Excellence Award: Focusing on ground-breaking software or digital solutions that enhance business operations and customer experience. This includes digital devices, Building Control and Management Systems (BCMS), computer software, controls, property technology, or service-related tools operational within the last five years in Australia.


Outstanding Industry Education/Training Award: Acknowledging exceptional contributions to training, education, and leadership within the HVAC&R and building services sectors. This category includes undergraduate and postgraduate training, technical, managerial, or internal training delivered in Australia.


Hall of Fame: An exclusive recognition reserved for those that have made long-lasting impacts on the industry, leaving a legacy of excellence, leadership, and innovation.


Sue Falcke, ARBS Events Organiser, said, “The ARBS Industry Awards provide an essential platform for acknowledging the creative minds and dedicated professionals who constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. The diverse categories ensure that we recognise all aspects of the industry, from young achievers to outstanding projects, products, and educational initiatives.”


The awards are open to individuals, institutions, or companies demonstrating significant accomplishments within the HVAC&R and building services industry. Whether it’s a young breakthrough talent or an innovative product revolutionising the market, the ARBS Industry Awards offer a chance to showcase achievements on a prestigious stage.


Tony Arnel, ARBS Chairman, said, “These awards aren’t just about celebrating success; they’re about inspiring others to strive for excellence. Every nominee, every project, every innovation tells a story of commitment, creativity, and courage. We’re looking forward to another remarkable year of celebrating our industry’s best.”


Nominations for the ARBS 2024 Industry Awards are now open, with winners to be honoured at a special ceremony during the ARBS 2024 Exhibition.


For more information on the award categories, nomination process, and all other details, please visit