Top tips for retaining industry dynamos

September 5, 2019 BY ARBS

 There is no doubt one of the biggest challenges we face in the HVAC+R and building services industry is to find qualified technicians. So, in this environment where finding great technicians is difficult, keeping them is critical, which is why we’ve put together our three top tips which may just give you the edge.

1. Acknowledge VIPs: your success depends on what your technician’s deliver, therefore when you celebrate and reward outstanding achievement, you’ll soon find yourself prospering from a highly engaged workforce.

2. Raise the ceiling: provide personal fulfillment to technician’s by creating opportunities for growth through ongoing training, career progression and encouraging networking and attendance of industry events, such as ARBS of course. Commit to a culture of opportunity and see your technician’s sense of purpose and belonging soar.

3. Keep the balance: finding that elusive work-life balance is the new standard for today’s recruit. Look for ways to be flexible to meet your technician’s personal needs and you’ll be rewarded with an energised employee.