December 13, 2017 BY Amanda Searle

Completing an awards submission may seem like a daunting, time consuming task however the return on investment is significant. Exposure for your business, motivation for your team and recognition for your efforts are just some of the advantages to entering. So how do you convince the judges that you are worthy of recognition? The following tips will lead you on the path to awards success!

Address the criteria

Structure your submission around the key points in the criteria. As the entry criteria is aligned with the judging criteria, failure to address it may result in missed marks. Ensure you read each question carefully.

Capture & convey

Capture the judge’s attention in the introductory summary by conveying your key achievement or unique feature. The summary is your chance to stand out and set the tone for the rest of your submission.

Highlight innovation

Demonstrate innovative techniques – a new way of thinking or doing something, setting new standards, exceeding performance indicators or overcoming challenges.

Provide evidence

Demonstrate what makes your entry outstanding by including information on performance or outcomes.  Supporting evidence may include statistics, illustrations, videos or images along with testimonials from stakeholders and end users.

Engage the reader

Judges read countless submissions and while you should avoid excessive marketing fluff, a well-written and engaging submission stands out from the others.

Presentation matters

A neat, formatted submission is much easier to read. Avoid spelling or grammatical errors by asking someone to proof read your submission for you.

Make it memorable

Be enthusiastic about your entry. It is contagious!

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