IBTech@ARBS 2020

Intelligent Building Technologies

IBTech@ARBS is a dedicated precinct within Australia’s only international air conditioning, refrigeration and building services trade exhibition, where visitors can explore cutting-edge intelligent building technologies and solutions.

Data and technology are transforming our built environment. As smart building solutions continue to evolve, they allow property developers and owners to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and enhance occupant comfort. Recent advancements have meant greater integration and interoperability between key systems, resulting in highly sophisticated building control strategies.

Join us at IBTech@ARBS to discuss the future of connected buildings, enabled by intelligent and sustainable design.


"Everyone who visited us in the IBTech precinct knew what kind of business we were in. This resulted in meaningful conversations, good connections and some really good, solid leads"

Insight Series

As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, what will SMART buildings of the future look like? What barriers will we face? Join building owners and operators, design and implementation experts and product developers as they explore and debate the major trends driving the industry. A range of seminars and panel sessions will take place across the three days of the exhibition including:

IBS04: IBTech keynote presentation by Microsoft

IBP09: Meet the designers – the how, who and what of designing SMART

IBS13: In-building cellular connectivity and the impact of 5G

IBP20: Real Estate Proptech Australia

IBS23: Keyless Mobile Access – Balancing Functionality and Security

IBS26: Cyber Security and the Emergence of Smart Buildings

IBS27: The Future of the Built Environment- How IoT Platforms will deliver fusion between IT and OT

IBS31: iHUB Smart Buildings Data Clearing House – Latest Developments

IBP34: Future Space & the Tenant Experience

IBS38: Digital Facilities Management: How to Increase Profitability Using Building Data

IBS42: Maintenance by Machine – Driving maintenance efficiencies with product integrated control and analytics

IBS44: Delivering Building Management Systems Data and Analytics at scale – lessons learnt from connecting 1000 sites.

IBS46: IBTech Live Integration Project Results

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Product Demonstrations

Attendees can interact with SMART Building technology developers in the dedicated exhibition area and benefit from live demonstrations and presentations of industry specific Intelligent building products and solutions in the IBTech Presentation Theatre.

"We needed a way to get exposure to the marketplace and have been blown away by the response ..... the show has exceeded our expectations"

Visit IBTech@ARBS2020

Explore how together, we can better design, control and innovate to sustainably & efficiently transform our built environment.

Source emerging trends in property technology for SMART buildings with live demonstrations of the latest digital products and systems.

Share how connected building technology is impacting the HVAC&R industry through a range of educational sessions and uncover what the future holds for SMART Buildings.

Connect with SMART Building technology developers, end users, industry experts and professionals. 

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